by Kimball

Perks work tools know their way around the business world. They hang from Traxx® rails and slat tiles or perch on desktops to help you clear clutter, manage multiple projects, organize information, tame technology, and make better use of every bit of your workspace. Add in style, universal material choices, ergonomic sensibility and environmental consciousness, and you have perfect order, made to order.

Product Features

  • Plastic work tools consist of file pockets, binder shelves, accessory trays, shelves, pencil cups, and slant sorters
  • Metal Work Tools consist of shelves, trays, and items such as picture frames, name plates, folder and ear bud holders
  • Monitor arms provide ergonomic support and can attach to slat tiles, clamp to worksurfaces, or bolt through the worksurface
  • Power/data drawers and electrical components are for use in open planning and freestanding applications with Priority™, Definition®, Fluent® (without modesty panel) and Footprint®
  • Other workplace essentials include freestanding mobile screens, marker boards, drawers and drawer organizers, and coat hooks


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