Hum. Minds at Work.®

by Kimball

Furniture for your mind. An open plan solution designed for individual focus, collaborative tasks and everything in between. Creating environments that work the way our minds work, Hum can take you from individual to team without disruption. It encourages creative and critical thinking. It provides a better work experience, resulting in better performance.

Product Features

  • Multiple cluster sizes (4, 6 and 8-person), 120 degree 3-person and standalone stations
  • Go To Zones (Now, Soon or Later) help you work in the moment or offload thoughts for a while
  • Personal Workspace defines your zone while encouraging hosting
  • Elevated and Box Terraces offer public and private alcoves for your projects
  • See Me Screens help filter distractions, yet allow eye contact
  • Touchdown Spaces provide extra space to huddle
  • Power available in single circuit or four-circuit electrical


Hum Brochure

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