Pairings Health®

by Kimball

Pairings Health was designed to address the constraints of today's waiting places and to make the waiting experience more pleasant and productive.

Made with privacy, connectivity, cleanability and comfort in mind, Pairings Health is a family of components that can be combined to create a range of tailored solutions, whether the environment calls for a simple seating group or a robust lounge system.

Product Features

  • All lounge models come standard with clean-out
  • Metal leg available in Brushed or Polished Aluminum
  • Available in one, two or three seat benches with or without backs
  • Optional arms are available in 2” or 8”, tablet, tech, and storage arm
  • Divider walls in 27”, 54” and 81” lengths and 30” and 41” heights
  • Privacy panels available on sides and backs for additional seclusion
  • Power options available in the arm, seat or divider wall
  • Free-standing and in-line tables complement the lounge seating


Pairings Health Brochure

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