gen² Bench

by gen²

gen² Bench is a modern and sophisticated furniture solution for any company looking for an open office plan and increased employee collaboration. Our gen² Bench consists of fixed or height adjustable tables that create several workstations in single or double rows. This configuration enables several employees to operate in close proximity while still providing each employee with the personal space required to achieve their individual tasks.

Our gen² Bench system features a raised beam for power and data. Used in conjunction with our gen² Power Hub, the gen² Power Beam provides seamless access and wire management to all users. The raised beam keeps everything off the floor and contributes to the clean, open appearance associated with benching furniture.

Another benefit of gen² Bench is maximizing your floor space. By concentrating employees in a single area, significant overall space savings are realized. By organizing and consolidating your workstations, gen² creates spacious throughways and modernizes the overall appearance and functionality of your office space.

Available accessories for gen² include fabric and glass screen partitions for privacy and division, mobile pedestals for filing and personal storage, work tools such as adjustable monitor arms and CPU holders, as well as gen² Work Tools accessories to customize each workspace.

Product Features

  • Power beam distributes power and data wires to each work area.
  • Power beam uses gen2 power poles or base -in-power feeds to connect benching to the building source.
  • Available widths: 48”, 60”, 66” and 72”
  • Privacy screens connect to power beam or to individual worksurfaces.
  • Privacy screens available 12”h to 24”h


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