gen² work

by gen²

gen² Work can construct furniture for any configuration including open plans, private offices, reception areas, and more. gen² Work incorporates all of our gen2products, and allows each client maximum customization of their workspace.

gen² Work features our Segmented Avenir Panels. Customize your panels with glass, fabric, laminate, markerboard or an array of decorative materials. Virtually any look can be achieved, just ask us!

Product Features

  • Panels: 2” thick
  • Segmented panels are sold preconfigured for quick and easy installation.
  • Tasklight: standard 20” LED dimmable.
  • Overhead Storage: gen2 bins and shelves.
  • Worksurfaces: 1-1/4” thick with 3mm edge.
  • Pedestals: 9000 J-pull with FR lock core.
  • Electrical - 5-wire/3-circuit or 8-wire/4-circuit
  • Glass Options: Glass is available in all panel configurations.
  • Panels ship fully assembled.


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