by Kimball

Designed by David Allan Pesso, Fluent combines old world craftsmanship and durability with the latest technology. This simple platform of all-purpose components is easy to install and can easily be reconfigured to your workspace’s ever-evolving demands. All surfaces are finished to perfection and sized to maximize usable space for the occupant. It can accommodate private or open plan configurations and conform to the individual preferences of a multi-generational workforce.

Product Features

  • A set-in-place modular solution that easily adapts to any environment
  • Small scale and clean lines
  • Non-handed components easily adapt to space changes
  • Storage components are finished on all sides for use in open applications
  • Abundant power access and integrated wire management
  • A broad storage offering provides flexibility to individualize each space
  • End, magazine, and console tables are available with wood or glass tops
  • Available in veneer, paint, and combination finish


Fluent Overview Sheet

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