Hero. Just for You.

by Kimball

Hero automatically aligns to each individual user. Its carefully coordinated technologies interact to guarantee healthy working postures for every body. Regardless of your size, the unique autofit mechanism allows fine-tuning for ultimate comfort.

Product Features

  • Models with arms are available in 2D and 4D adjustable T arms
  • Seat height adjusts from 161/4" to 227/16" via a patented threaded column adjustment feature
  • Active seat depth adjustment option provides user with more seat surface
  • Adjustable lumbar support utilizes a molded polyurethane pad
  • Anti-kick back feature controls forward movement of the back rest when the lock is disengaged
  • Autofit synchro mechanism with automatic weight regulation and fine adjustment
  • Mesh is available in Anthracite, Black, and Orange
  • Black, dual-wheel casters are available in hard or soft options
  • Base finishes available in black plastic, black aluminum, brilliant silver, and polished


Hero Overview Sheet

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