Traxx & Tiles®

by Kimball

Traxx is an innovative wall system that transforms architectural elements into useful square footage. Its design allows you to easily incorporate functional tiles, worksurfaces, storage, and panels to any space. By mounting this sturdy rail system directly to building walls, each space can effortlessly be customized to meet your needs

Product Features

  • Provides easy access wall-based power/data
  • Can be easily placed and modified to meet architectural obstructions (columns, window frames, etc.)
  • 100% off-modularity allows free placement of worksurfaces and storage to personalize individual space
  • Maximize footprint of space by adding panel functionality to walls
  • Position your tools where you need them to support your workstyle
  • Private office, teaming, and conference rooms become fully interactive and functional spaces
  • Multiple presentation tools are fully movable and slide on Traxx over tackable tiles, marker boards, and slat tile
  • Traxx integrates with: Footprint®, Definition®, Priority™, Transcend®, and Conferencing Solutions, as well as Xsite®, Cetra®, and Interworks EQ®


Traxx & Tiles Brochure

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