by Kimball

As healthcare continues to advance, the needs and expectations of patients and caregivers are changing, altering the course of traditional healthcare environments.

These changes are what has driven the development of Alterna, designed to support this evolving landscape with seamless and durable solutions for the entire facility – from public zones, to clinical areas, to workspaces and more.

The high quality construction of Alterna means it’s dependable throughout the life of the product, and the broad offering of finishes and materials make it easy to specify for new construction or renovations to existing facilities.

Alterna is caseworks built to support the full facility.

Product Features

  • Specify for all areas of the facility with a broad offering of standard product models.
  • Thanks to simple installation, components are removed, reconfigured and repurposed should needs change.
  • Designed to disassemble and reattach, so cabinets aren’t damaged when moved.
  • Upper and wall-mount cabinets are engineered to hang from z-brackets, eliminating the need for wall blocking.
  • Cabinets deliver fully assembled for quick and easy installation.
  • All base and storage cabinets come with adjustable levelers to quickly level on un-even floors.
  • Cabinets come in multiple width, depth and height options for easy configuration to specific needs.
  • Streamline your project schedule by having modular caseworks order and deliver with standard furnishings.
  • Modular caseworks can be registered as a capital asset vs. a fixed asset.
  • Offering big tax advantages, modular casework is considered furniture which depreciates on a seven year timeline.


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