Fundamental Files®

by Kimball

Individual workspaces are getting ever smaller, but workers still need storage. File banks are utilitarian, yet they need to blend in and complement the interior design, and they must be rock solid and secure. Kimball metal filing and storage solutions are engineered and built for long-term durability, and they offer a range of aesthetic options.

Product Features

  • Files available in two to five-high units for use in file banks and storage islands, or for space division.
  • Convenient coordinating options like storage cabinets, overfiles, posting shelf units, file tops and paper management accessories.
  • Coach seam construction contributes to a rigid case and provides a clean look with no exposed welds.
  • Choice of rail, extended, and arc pulls. Arc pull is available in 5 finishes.
  • ADA-compliant five-high lateral file has the lock at mid-height and choice of two easy-to-grasp pulls, for seated access.


Metal Filing Overview Sheet

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